Is it possible to modify the transition time from opaque to transparent

No, INVISIBLE's change of state is instant

Can we regulate how transparent the glass is?

Yes, by using special power supplies the transparency can be changed, a regular dimmer will do the job.

When does INVISIBLE consume energy?

INVISIBLE consumes energy only when it is in the transparent state, consuming roughly 7W for each square meter.

How much tension does it need?

INVISIBLE needs an electrical tension of 70 V AC at 50Hz/60Hz

What are the available thicknesses for INVISIBLE Glass?

INVISIBLE Glass, is composed of two sheets of glass plus an LCD sheet. You can request different glass thicknesses such as 3,4 or 5 mm. | Example: 4mm (glass1) + 1mm (LCD sheet) + 4mm (glassw) = 9 mm of thickness for this specific INVISIBLE Glass

What kind of cable do I need to attach the power supply to the glass?

Clients can choose between IPX4 or IPX7 cables, both compliant to electrical safety norms

What's the maximum distance between the power supply and the glass?

We suggest to position the power supply as close as possible to the glasses, so that loss of power is reduced to the minimum. The absolute maximum distance is 50m.

Can Invisible Glass have holes or dents?

Yes, INVISIBLE can have holes or dents, it is possible to create any shape and geometric figure.

What is the ideal temperature for INVISIBLE?

The best temperature is between -20 ° C and + 60 ° C.

Is it safe to touch INVISIBLE when it's on?

Yes of course! Since the LCD sheet is isolated between two other glass sheets there is no safety hazard in touching it

What are the maximum dimensions for INVISIBLE?

INVISIBLE's maximum dimensions are 1.800 mm x 3.750 mm in a unique block; contact us to request bigger dimensions.

INVISIBLE can be done with triple glass stratification instead of double?


Can INVISIBLE be used as a projector-friendly surface?

Yes. INVISIBLE is a projector-friendly surface with any regular videoprojector. For best result position the videoprojector behind INVISIBLE's surface.

Can INVISIBLE can be installed with tempered glass?

Yes. INVISIBLE can be made with two layers of tempered glass and extra-clear tempered glass.

Can INVISIBLE be installed in existing glass walls/sheets?

INVISIBLE's LCD layer can be applied to any existing glass surfaces. It does not require the use of soap like the other films, so the installation is fast and easy.